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Moving Small Shipments Overseas January 27, 2013 No Comments

By Guest Blogger, Mark Nash, expressly for Moving Links 4 You Mark is the Owner of UPakWeShip and EuroUSA Shipping, Inc. What qualifies as a small shipment For this post, a small shipment will pertain to your personal things that can be packed into boxes. Furniture will not be included. Two questions: 1. Are you […]

Friday Fun Foto – Mustering New Zealand February 25, 2011 3 Comments

Mustering in New Zealand. This is a very familiar scene to any one who lives in or has traveled throughout the country. These particular photos were taken on Nokomai Station on the South Island – a place my husband worked many years ago. I have traveled the length of New Zealand and observed this scene […]

It’s a Small World February 24, 2011 12 Comments

New Zealand had a 6.3 earthquake a few days ago. We have many family and friends there. Luckily all have reported in and are o.k. The country is small so we are sure to learn of someone we know who didn’t fare so well. Our son was in Egypt prior to Christmas. He made many […]

ReloMary’s 5 Miniature Donkeys Make Keen Fire Brigade August 13, 2010 6 Comments

We successfully relocated 5 mini-donkeys two years ago.  They became our built in fire brigade. How’d that happen?  We had some friends who were  moving to “the city” from our area and had these 5 adorable miniature donkeys who needed a home.  We have a few acres that need grazing so we said we’d be happy to […]

Bungy Jumping and the Art of Moving July 28, 2010 5 Comments

HOW TO AVOID THE SPLAT SOUND! Good Bungy Jump It took me years to bungy jump.  My entire family had done it as Queenstown, New Zealand is my husband’s hometown and bungy jumping was started there by AJ Hackett at the Kawarau Bridge a few miles from town.  Their claim to fame is they’ve been […]